Quhytewoollen (pronounced Whiteween) is a large house located on the outskirts of Lockerbie which is situated within Dumfries and Galloway. We provide high quality residential care for up to four young people. The staff team ensure that a rapid and flexible response is available to cope with the needs of young people who require placements at short notice. Careful consideration has been given to the layout and design of Quhytewoollen in order to provide a balance between safety, security and privacy. Our high ratio of staff to young people allows for the development of positive relationships, affords the young people high levels of positive attention and facilitates the implementation of individual care plans in a structured but relaxed setting. We believe that regardless of their previous experience, all young people have the potential for growth and forward development.

I’m glad I’ve been here, I didn’t like being moved from my family, but I would never have had the opportunities that I’ve had here.

Current Resident, Quhytewoollen
Everyone here is lovely in their own way.

Previous Resident, Quhytewoollen