Care Visions is Scotland’s largest provider of independent residential child care and a leading foster care agency. Since being established 14 years ago thousands of young people have been looked after by our carers, in our services and foster homes throughout Scotland – from the North East to Dumfries and Galloway; from the Lothians to Glasgow and many areas in between.

Our work is underpinned by the Sanctuary model, a trauma informed therapeutic approach which informs and guides the work undertaken by everyone in the organisation. Sanctuary supports carers in understanding the significance of loss in a young persons life. It helps carers to forge meaningful connections and relationships with young people, working towards a positive sense of future.

Safety is a key feature of our work with young people. We work as a community to establish safety in our care environments, processes and interactions with one another.

Care Visions takes seriously our responsibilities and commitment to young people moving on from our care to more independent living.

Our young people could move a few miles from their foster carers home or care home or they could move a hundred miles away or more.

This means we must be creative in our approach to honour our responsibilities to our young people ageing out of care. We want to provide a meaningful service to all young people and make a real difference to their leaving care experience.

Why Not? has been set up by Care Visions, involving the people who matter most – young people moving on from care – to meet the need that they feel is missing from the current leaving care provision.

Developed for a Scottish context from the “You Gotta Believe “ service originally set up in New York City, Why Not? is based on the fundamental human need for life long meaningful connections that exist beyond the traditional care experience.

“You Gotta Believe” in New York City is underpinned by the belief that “everyone needs family” and supports “family findings” for young people ageing out of care. It is our belief that we can have similar goals and support “moral adoptions” between our young people ageing out of care and their caregivers.

Nicki McLaughlin has been appointed full time dedicated Service Manager, to look after all operational matters relating to the Why Not? service.

Nicki has worked for Care Visions for 4 years, and is passionate about continued relationships for young people aging out of care. She is a trained facilitator in Maps and Paths (Person Centred Planning) which is a fundamental tool used in the Why Not? service.

Nicki manages a number of staff who currently work for the service on a sessional basis, to ensure that young adults from anywhere in the Care Visions organisation will receive a service from Why Not?

Care Visions does not charge for this service, providing it pro bono as part of our ongoing commitment to our young people.



Mission Statement

Why Not? leads the way young people are supported when ageing out of care in Scotland. We do this through challenging the fears and boundaries that define the professional relationship, reducing loneliness and isolation and protecting the right to family life.