Over my time with Care Visions, I have grown and developed both as a person and as a care worker.

A little over ten years ago, I had just left university and was living with my parents while spending time with my new girlfriend.   She is now my fiancée and the mother of our two children, and she remains a constant source of inspiration and support.  

Within Care Visions, I have had the pleasure of being educated and encouraged by my managers. Each of these leaders has taught me a great deal about the job, about myself and, of course, about the young people. The company also supported me to gain various qualifications related to my role, both statutory requirements and elective courses to enrich my skills.  

I have been fortunate enough to feel I was part of an excellent team with a wide range of complementary skills in each of the three services where I have worked, and to have some of my ideas and suggestions taken on board. Whenever there have been tests, and there have been plenty, I have always felt trusted, listened to and supported.   A key lesson I was taught early on was that every single day is a learning opportunity, and I have carried this with me in both my professional and personal life.

Care Visions has come to feel almost like a family to me, with all the scope for positives and potential for challenges that this can bring.  What it underlines, however, is that we care for and about everyone who comes through our doors – children, young people, and staff alike – while appreciating and celebrating the differences that make us all unique.

Written by Kevin, Residential Childcare Worker and Long Service Award recipient