While restrictions show signs of being lessened, it's important that we all continue to do our part to keep the virus at bay. So, we thought it might be helpful to put together a list of safe, fun activities for all ages this weekend. Thank you so much to some of our young people who gave their suggestions for ways that everyone can have an egg-cellent Easter.

Hop to it with an 'Easter Walkathon'
Why not spend the weekend exploring the great outdoors? Scotland boasts so many wonderful walking routes, you could get out and about this weekend to celebrate. You could even challenge friends, nearby houses or family to see who can walk the most steps over the weekend.

Easter Quiz
Did you know that the Easter Bunny legend began in Germany? Neither did we! Get your minds working and pull together an Easter quiz to test your knowledge and learn some interesting facts about Easter. You could always offer small prizes such as Creme Eggs (which Cadbury produce 1.5 million of a day).

Easter Movie Marathon
There's nothing better than a movie night! You could change your regular movie nights by adding an Easter twist - why not watch Peter Rabbit or Rise of The Guardians? Pair it with some Easter treats and it will certainly be a night of fun. 

Easter Egg Hunt
The Easter Bunny can be menacing with where it hides its precious Easter Eggs. To make things more fun, why not snap some pics of the locations of eggs, without giving the game away? You could even make some riddles to help the egg-hunters on their quest.

Random Act Of Kindness
There's nothing more special than a random act of kindness, particularly at the moment. To do something different this Easter, you could create an Easter Egg gift bag or basket, make an Easter card or even write an Easter poem - before dropping off to a nearby friend or neighbour. It's the perfect way to let people know that you're thinking of them this Easter.

Virtual Easter Egg Hunt - brought to you by CELCIS
You may remember that CELCIS were asking for people of all ages to send them in their best-decorated eggs in the run-up to Easter. They have now put together a virtual Easter Egg Hunt featuring some of the entries. You can find the picture 

Let us know what you get up to!