They lie awake at night reliving the past

In the lonely darkness, memories that last

With a tear in their eye and trauma in their head

They figure out the world, alone in their bed.


As the sun comes up they face another day

With such strength and bravery but not got the words to say

That they feel the fear, the unknown of the maze outside 

Not sure what to do so they run and they hide.


Big emotions, big thoughts and tiny hearts broken

Cause by actions, words and stories unspoken

Perfecting a coping mechanism, something to survive 

They've done what they can in order to stay alive.


The trials they have faced, troubles forced to endure

They crave a life, a home, somewhere to feel safe and secure.

They're not asking for much, nothing at all

But for someone to be there to catch them when they fall. 


We help them, guide them care for them but what does that mean?

A chance for them to be listened to, to be heard, to be seen.

So we are proud of them each day for what they have achieved 

Because when the sun goes down, it's them that believed.