Scotland has an ambition of being the best place for children to grow up, however many of our young people lack confidence or have hope for the future and ambitions for themself.  We offer services that rescue young people in crisis or give solutions to problems.  What we are developing is radically different, an opportunity that supports young people to recognise their strengths and ambitions and build their own capacity.  The curriculum for excellence is clear in its ambition to develop successful learners, confident individuals, responsible citizens and effective contributors; however, the focus aimed through education continues to be on learning and educational outcomes, the areas the education teams excel in.  When young people can achieve in the learning, they much more easily achieve in the other areas.   

The focus in the curriculum for excellence is on what young people can give back and we must recognise that before we can reap the rewards, we need to make the investment in all young people, including those who do not readily receive that investment in the home or actively engage in education.   

What we are offering is something that invests in young people, it does not offer an issue-based service to them but offers a developmental opportunity for them to develop the skills, respect and self-belief that allows them to recognise and achieve their ambitions and subsequently give back to society. 

For young people, positive mental health and mental wellbeing is an area in which more young people are requiring support.  By offering an early intervention opportunity for all young people, which uses a goal setting and motivational methodology to build competence and resilience, we aim to reduce the need for later more intensive interventions. 

It has been wonderful to have been given the time to consider the needs of young people now and the future and work with fantastic people to develop something that can benefit all young people, removing stigma and closing gaps. 

Initial pilot projects have been very successful, so watch this space….